Helping Hands Gallery (HHG) uses art in some way to serve charitable causes. Artists may produce works specifically to be sold for charity or creators or owners of artistic works might donate all or part of the proceeds of sale to a good cause. Such sales are often conducted by auction. Alternatively, artworks may be exhibited (and possibly be available for sale) with ticket sales being donated. Such exhibitions sometimes incorporate art related to or by those who benefit from the charitable donations.

Some additional points to keep in mind:

When making a donation, give only your best work. I know it’s tempting to go digging in the back corner of the attic to give away an orphaned piece of artwork, but remember that the attendees and a charitable event are likely your target customers you want to show them your best work. I’m sure that most charities would be happy to see their contributors benefit from their participation, after all, you’re far likelier to donate again in the future, but this shouldn’t be your ultimate goal. While you should take advantage of any benefits available through your contribution, even if you don’t get any immediate advantage, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped the community.

Thank you for your generosity by joining our community of donors



Helping Hands Gallery will handle any requirement you may have for individual commissions. We will discuss this in detail with you prior to presenting the proposal to the general public.

The relevant percentage of the ultimate sale will go to charity.

Helping Hands Gallery is an online gallery with no High Street overheads and so the considerable savings made allow us to partner with YOU to donate a significant amount of our income to charities.

Participating Artists offer exclusively to Helping Hands Gallery both their original works and a small numbers of signed limited edition prints. For some of these artists it is the first time they have allowed their works to go into print adding to the uniqueness of the concept.

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