Featured Artists

Consignment Relationship

HHG is happy to present an opportunity for artists to sell their work. You may entrust your artwork to our gallery on consignment with the aim of getting wider exposure through our events, exhibitions and on-line sales than is ordinarily possible as a result of direct studio contact. The Gallery works with the artists individually to foster and market the artists’ works—to take the artist’s creations from the canvas, paper or screen—or whatever media they produce—to a market where the original or reproduction can be bought. Our goal is to develop and maintain a rewarding and mutually beneficial interpersonal relationship with our artists. HHG is all about the power of art. The art featured at our event comes from artists all over the world who are interested in making a difference with their work while supporting a great cause and gaining valuable exposure at one of HHG’s most exciting art events. All proceeds from the sale of all artworks (less the cost, artists’ consignment, event, function, etc.) will go to charity.  Payment of the purchase price is made by one payment to the artist (less reimbursement of the costs mentioned) and one payment directly to the sponsored charity. We will discuss this in detail with you prior to presenting the proposal to the general public.

We are currently looking for artists to participate in our upcoming events. We will be pleased to provide full details on the consignment process on request.

Donate Your Artwork

As part of our efforts, we regularly plan a series of art exhibitions and events that feature artwork from local and international artist.  Your work is sold at our exhibits and or events, which is an opportunity for artists to gain valuable exposure at an established, successful event, and to get involved in creating positive change through their work.

Remember that donating your art to HHG’s fundraising events is not only about you, it’s about the cause that you’re helping to raise money for. Our events are great opportunities to get your art and your name out in front of anywhere from dozens to thousands of people who like art, collect art, and support the visual arts. Also keep in mind that you don’t want inferior examples of your art, or artwork that doesn’t speak to your true abilities as an artist, representing you either at public events or in private collections.

Our organization has helped thousands by advancing the full participation of men and women and around the world, increasing economic opportunities for unemployed youth, and improving the well-being of those we help. We’re saving lives, revitalizing communities & transforming global health through the art.

We are not a non-profit organization, but our proceeds from the exhibitions/events will benefit local, national and international charitable organizations

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of Helping Hands family through your donation of artwork.  It is donors like you who help HHG use art to create futures.