Sponsorship is a powerful way to positively affect the lives of those we help and make a personal connection.  Businesses and social groups, corporations and individuals are encouraged to choose one major expense, and provide financial support to cover the associated expenses for our events.

Helping Hands Gallery has helped thousands by advancing the full participation of men and women and around the world, increasing economic opportunities for unemployed youth, and improving the well-being of America’s youngest children.

Corporate Partnering

Corporate partnering is one of the core elements in HHG’s strategy for raising funds.  We would be delighted to present a number of ways in which we can team with you to help raise funds for your chosen charity. We bridge the chasms of poverty, educational inequality, and disease with love and a sustained commitment to creating positive, nurturing environments.

All proceeds from the sale of all artworks (less the cost, artists, event, function, etc.) will go to charity.  Payment of the purchase price is made by one payment to the artist (for reimbursement of the costs mentioned) and one payment directly to a well-deserved charity.  Please contact us for pricing and shipping information.

Helping Hands Gallery seeks to promote art and social responsibility…”Art with a Heart”. Each print is paired with a partnering charity, to which we are donating the proceed of the sale, creating what we believe to be a product with not just aesthetic, but social value. Besides showcasing emerging artists and great artwork, we will promote a variety of charities and expose them to new supporters through the appreciation of art and creativity.

Please contact us at:  info@helpinghandsgallery.com

Stay in touch with us to receive news from our art experts, what the charities are doing with the funds YOU raise, invites to exclusive events, read the artists stories and hear about beautiful new additions to our collection.

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