Art is something that I love to do… I am drawn to the softness, the movement, the vibrancy, and the tranquility of the art… where a simple cup can become an extraordinary work of art… a bowl could fire any potter’s imagination… Plates and chargers can serve as more than just places to put your food… they can be glorious art to show off on a table, sideboard, or hutch…This definitive collection, features my life’s worth of memorable pieces, selected from my studio.. Each piece captures the power of the clay.. It showcases a visually intriguing collection of my work… The uniqueness and challenges of my art focus on aesthetic, rather than usefulness… These artworks are the unequivocal result of my effort, my passion and enthusiasm. Pottery has been my hobby for the past 6 years, and I treasure every single piece I make, and think each one is unique.. However, after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, I began to use them to make a greater impact..

“To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required”

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