HHG Signed Glinda Schafer

A longtime resident of New Orleans, Glinda Schafer has fallen in love with the beauty of the surrounding marshlands and landscapes. Several years ago, after observing that the islands where she and her husband enjoyed fishing were rapidly disappearing, she decided to paint the beauty of the grasses and foliage while it was still there. Many of the areas in her earlier paintings were completely washed away by Hurricane Katrina. Her paintings, which are mostly pastels with an occasional oil, invoke a sense of peacefulness and serenity.

Glinda regularly exhibits and has won many awards in juried and non-juried local and national exhibitions. She also has had four one-person museum exhibitions. As an Artist involved in our initiative you can expect significant promotion online, at corporate events, at charity functions and through our marketing campaigns. Artists are paid promptly after any sale of their works. If as an Artist your work is produced as a signed limited edition you will be paid an agreed rate per signature and we will deal with the production.

Within HHG’s structure lies a wealth of experience in the Art industry. We respect and understand the Artist and work strictly and honestly under their guidelines. We always work in the Artist’s best interests. Originals will be sold at the market price with the Artist being paid the agreed percentage immediately after sale. Commissions we receive will be discussed on an individual basis.

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